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Hope you have enjoying the holiday season!

Re: /set, again I was unaware of this but that is easily solved by using /var instead (which is often used in scripting language to represent local variables that are automatically unset after the current script is done). I see your point about % tokens being of restricted length in the current implementation. The way most do it is to break on any non-word character. A word character is usually defined as any letter, number, or underscore (and sometimes a dash is included). This way any percentage sign, space, comma, period, newline, etc would indicate the local variable name boundary without the need for @'s etc.

How hard such an implementation change might be of course again depends on the parser design. Use of PCRE for example would make variable replacement of the entire script quite simple (in comparison to say, a step through approach). But as you say this would most likely require significant design refactoring of your parser.
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