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There really ought to be an error record somewhere. "Simple" errors are recorded in log files like nxTools records it's errors in nxError.log (usually in /logs dir), ioFTPD in Error.log and SystemError.log. Though if you really are getting a crash then check for system/CrashLog.txt and/or any tiny/minidumps in that directory.

Are you running plain nxTools (without odog's patch?). That patch works around an issue if you pre something that doesn't have room in the target directory it will be moved to, but it uses another external library. If that is missing/not installed I think things might go badly so perhaps try plain nxTools to see what happens.

Are you using any other executable scripts besides nxTools and ioNiNJA which I know to play well with each other?

Also, pay particular attention to the /lib dir. Is it possible some or all of it wasn't updated along the way and/or old version of something removed?

Let me know if that helps. I myself don't use the pre command but I'm pretty sure others aren't having issues. Since I don't use it though, I'm not familiar with how it's config file should be setup but I'd just go by the examples...
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