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Default Compare sub folders too?


I do a few small websites for family and friends. I have the main sites separated into folders on both my local machine and the server. I pull up the site's folder on the left and the server's folder (for that site) on the right. If I see say 10 folders and 30 files on each side that are the same and do a Compare Folder Content command, it reports they are the same. It reports they are the same even if there are 1,000 files that are different in the sub folders and sub folders of the sub folders. This doesn't work for me because it would take too long to go through hundreds of sub folders and to issue the "Compare Folder Content" separately for hundreds of folders.

How can I issue this command to compare the sub folders too? With today's layout of dynamic web pages and programs like Word Press, there can be hundreds of individual folders just for one site so I must be missing something because this Compare Folder Content feature seems rather pointless if it only does one folder at a time?


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