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Default Indication of newly added folders


Sorry if this has already been addressed but i wasn't really sure what to search for to check if already asked.
IF already asked, i would be happy if someone could link to it.

This is a tiny and maybe somewhat insignificant feature, but one i loved to have which i haven't seen in other FTP clients.

I work with tons of different files and run a small backup FTP for myself and a few friends.
I sort files in folders with version/date indication. When i upload a new version of something, i used to have a green + showing after the transfer and re-listing. The green + indicated newly added files or folders so i could easily scroll down and delete the older version folder or file without reading much, just looking for the green mark.

In v5 i don't seem to have that tiny feature and it buggers me a bit. I keep both v4 and v5 installed so i can use v4 for my backup server and v5 for webservers etc. that i work with.

I hope this lot made sense. If not i can try to make a few screenshots.

Thanks in advance for reading this.

- B.J.
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