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Originally Posted by MaXimus View Post
Thank you very much for the fast response!

Last question though since this is the first time I use the portable version. When there is an upgrade, how is it done? does it do it automatically? or do I have to download the new portable version
The default setting is to check for updates every 7 days, this can be controlled from the Preferences dialog under the General > LiveUpdate section.

When an update is detected a prompt will appear asking you if you want to download the update, once downloaded click run update and FlashFXP will close, install the update, and restart.

Originally Posted by MaXimus View Post
also, if I do download the latest portable version when released, how do I copy the settings of my current FlashFXP portable and saved login to my site into the new portable version I have just downloaded?
Its best to let FlashFXP handle the updates directly, if you want to manually check for an update this can be done via the main menu > Help > Check for new version..

You can also backup/restore all of your FlashFXP settings and site profiles via the Backup/Restore configuration feature; this feature can be found via the main menu > Tools > Backup/Restore Configuration.
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