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Originally Posted by MaXimus View Post
Thank you for the prompt reply.

Now there is a problem with the portable version

I have never used or even known there is a portable version before, so this time I tried it, it downloaded an EXE which extracted to my desktop (I would've preferred if the download was a *.ZIP but anyway)

After the extraction to the desktop, I double clicked on flashfxp.exe from that folder then tried to enter my license key it gave me an error message saying that the profile cannot be saved (if I remember correctly)

Try it on your system please and see if it works, this is a clean windows 7 SP1 x64 installation and I didn't have anything installed yet, not even an antivirus

So I gave up on it and installed the full version which worked just fine.

Just wanted to let you know
Thank you for your bug report.

I have released a new build to address this issue (

This issue was caused by one of the changes in the new build
Improved the method and logic behind the "application password protection" feature to lock all data files during the switch between encrypted <> non-encrypted mode. When sharing the data files with other machines or syncing via apps such as drop-box, BitTorrent Sync, etc. could result in mis-matched files where some data files were encrypted and some are not. This was only an issue when multiple copies of FlashFXP were running across different machines and the "application password protection" was set, password changed, or turned off.
One rather important condition that I missed while testing was to verify the behavior of new installations where the data files don't exist yet. This of course triggered a false positive resulting in this mishap.

If there's a demand for a zipped (no installer) release of the portable edition I will consider making one available.

The reason I use an exe is so that I can use the same installer package for new installs as well as updates, otherwise updates would need to be done manually.
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