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Cool Problem connecting to SFTP server

Hi, this started failing a few versions ago, as I was able to connect when I first installed v5 beta (can't remember the build number when it started failing, sorry).

I have a SFTP over SSH host defined, using Private Key as authentication.

When atempting to connect, the following error is shown on the status window:

FlashFXP 5.0.0 (build 3763) [RC 3]
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[17:54:14] Winsock 2.2 -- OpenSSL 1.0.1i 6 Aug 2014
[17:54:46] [R] Connecting to 1 -> DNS=**************** IP=**************** PORT=****
[17:54:46] [R] Connected to 1
[17:54:47] [R] Host key algorithm ssh-RSA, size 2048 bits.
[17:54:47] [R] Fingerprint (MD5): *************************************************
[17:54:47] [R] Key exchange: diffie-hellman-group14-sha1. Session encryption: aes256-ctr, MAC: hmac-sha2-256, compression: none.
[17:54:47] [R] SSH Error: failed to negotiate authentication method
[17:54:47] [R] SSH Connection closed
[17:54:47] [R] Connection failed

I noticed that Site Manager doesn't save my key, always reverts to (none). May that be the cause of the problem?
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