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Default FlashFXP multi site help/guidance please - possible business site license purchase

Hi Bigstar,

I am a long time personal user of FlashFXP ( bought it in 2006, you can please check your database for my purchase details to verify my claim) and is right now planning to coax my company site admin to purchase a business license for FlashFXP cause IMHO this is the best FTP/FXP software ever created in this field. Do understand that even though I am a long time user, I have only used FlashFXP for simple things like logging into a FTP site and downloading some files form there. What I am trying to do now is a bit more complex and if it works out , I will probably be able to secure a sale of business license for FlashFXP. So here is what I looking FlashFXP to do

1.Connect to multiple FTP sites as defined in the Site Manager at the same time for upload and downloads, either non-stop or scheduled based.

2.For upload purposes, for - each destination site, we will have a different folder containing the files to upload. What I would ideally like is scheduling each site individually. Right now I see an option in Tools --> Schedule but I am confused with this feature and not sure how to use it on a per site basis. Please provide guidance to me in this regard. This is very important that I am able to schedule upload/download on a per site basis.

3. For each file that is uploaded, make a copy of the file and save it in in the SENT folder on a per site basis. In other words, each site has a SENT folder where we copy the files that is sent to each client, and we like to copy each file SENT out in this SENT folder. For each file that is successfully uploaded, if we move files automatically to the SENT folder from the source folder, then the chance of uploading the duplicate file(s) to the client is eliminated. This is also very important to us as we don't want duplicate files to be uploaded to the client. Right now we are using DOS batch files to move files to the SENT folder and this is quite ugly as DOS command prompts keep on flying in your face every time a file is getting uploaded to the client.

4. Would like per site based logging too - Is it possible to get per site based logging ? Also right now I see logging is what looks like logs saved in text file in the global log folder, is it possible in near future that we can log in into a SQL database ? ( SQL database logging is not the most vital thing for my company right now )

If all these things are possible, please advise me regarding this and I will try it with my companies test servers, and if all good, I will do my humble best to secure a business license for FlashFXP. Ours being a small tight knit company, chances are it will get approved. May be one or two other things may come up in this coarse of testing, but I will ask you for guidance too in this regard, hope you don't mind.

Thanking you
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