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Which OS ?

Windows XP Professional (5.1 - 2600)
No SP1 installed

Any other things going on in FFXP.. ie sites open or local browser open..

tried it during a transfer and with only 1 ffxp opened and while idle'ing in ffxp(not connected),every time the same,sites aren't open,sometimes local browser,sometimes not

Any other software running ?

Opera 6.04, mIRC 6.03,DeamonTools,Winamp 3,DUMeter

System info.. etc ?

CPU: [1-AMD Thunderbird, 995MHz, 256KB (0% Load)]. Uptime: [2wks 4days 2hrs 27mins 49secs]. Video Card: [ Leadtek Winfast A250 (GF4Ti4200) ]. ScreenInfo: [ 1024x768 32bit 60Hz ]. RAM [Usage: 477/768MB (62.11%) ]

Anything else you may think of which could help us see if there is a prob..
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