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Using the latest FlashFXP v5.0 release you can do this with custom commands.

/select -f :age+30d
This instructs FlashFXP to select only files with a date/time older than 30 or more days.

Now to make this into a queue entry we can enqueue raw commands by right-clicking the file list and selecting enqueue > raw command from the popup menu.

The whole process is as followed:
1. Connect to the site where you want to perform this operation.
2. Enqueue the following as a single raw command.
(Click the down triangle on the raw command dialog to switch to multi-line mode)
/cd /folder/you/want/to/delete/from
/select -f :age+30d
/delete selected
3. Save the queue to a file.

Additional Information
The multi-line toggle button on the raw dialog was added in v5.0.0.3756

The reason we're doing this as a single raw command is because we want to abort the command block if the first command (/cd <path>) fails.
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