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You have to remember that I am only one person and spreading my time between technical and sales support, website, beta testing, and finally software development. Ordered based on priority, this doesn't leave me as much time for software development. It has taken me nearly 2 years to upgrade the source code to a newer compiler and implement full unicode/utf8 support (all while updating and maintaining v4.x as well - A separate code base), but at last we've made it to v5.0 RC1.

For many months now I've worked almost non-stop from morning to night, Putting in so many hours that my kids have started making jokes about a stranger in the house (when I'm roaming around outside my home office)

I have 4 lovely kids and just earlier today (like 4 hours ago) my youngest said to me dad I wish you didn't have to work so much, I really want you to play basketball with me. I said to him that I needed to finish some more work and we'll see, but truthfully I know there's a 99% chance I am not going to have time. I still have hours of work to do. Sure I can put it off but do we really want to delay v5.0 much longer?

Eventually I will get to parallel file transfers but I can't give any sort of time frame on when it will happen. Once v5 is released I plan on spending a bit more time with my family before moving on to the next major release, which will most likely include support for parallel transfers.

However there is one thing that may delay or even hinder future major releases, and that is the lack of community support and feedback and by that I mean people willing to help me with beta testing and report bugs and give me feedback. For version v4.x we had over 5k beta testers at one point where-as for v5.x we have less than 100 active beta testers.

Oh and BTW one thing that slows down (FlashFXP) FTP in general is the round-trip time for each command, even with 150ms latency between the FTP client and the server can amply the time it takes to transfer many small files. Especially when multiple commands are sent. So how do we solve this, by not sending as many commands, however by doing this we are trading accuracy for speed. Change these settings either per-site or globally (File Transfer Rules > Advanced Settings > uncheck "Request file size/date prior to transfer", and if you do this you may as well also uncheck the "Preserve File Date") This will speed up transfers by 50% by eliminating these additional commands from being sent to the server and then having to wait for a reply.
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