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What you want to do is create more than one service / device in the configuration file. Instead of just using FTP_Service with the 'Any' device, create a 2nd device called 'Local' and a 2nd service called FTP_Local and set Device_Name to Local and choose a different port= number. This gives you complete control over everything. Don't forward that new port in your router and only local connections can access it so you can disable SSL and not speed limit it. Everyone else will use the original port/service and be speed limited. The server is very flexible in this regard and you can do pretty much anything you want except you'll have to use separate ports for differently configured services. There is no way to use one set of rules for a client connecting locally versus remotely using the same server port number.

To finish up you'll have to also add the new service to the [Network] section under Active_Services so it would be "FTP_Service FTP_Local" now.
Hi Yil.

Perfect! Everything works now as I had wished.

Thank you very much.

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