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Hmm, is is possible to have both versions installed?
Yes it is possible to have both versions installed.

What happens if I install the beta5?
FlashFXP v5 will install into a new program\data location separate from version 4.

Can I have them in separate folders but using same sites?
The first time you run version 5 it will attempt to detect a previous installation, if found it will import your settings and sites from the previous install into the new version 5 installation.

The data files are separate files and cannot be shared between versions. Once the import is done any changes made to version 4 or version 5 will be isolated from the other version.

If you're using the portable edition of version 4 or 5 then it may not find any previous installation, in that case you can use the Backup/Restore Configuration feature located under the Tools menu to backup your settings in version 4 and then import them into version 5.

When restoring a version 4 backup to version 5 the data files are converted to the new format used by version 5.
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