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Okey m8s i have got it to work so far that the eggdrop announse uploads to ftp

but i dont know what should be the dir for uploaders and what dir should be for leechers ??

Problem 2 i try to get mp3 sort to work but so far when i upload mp3 nothing happesn moe then egge informs on irc all info about the data How can i get ioftpd to move the new dir to archive sorted ?

my default.vfs settings is:

"D:\ftp\Mp3" /Mp3
"G:\ftp\0day" /0day
"G:\ftp\DVD" /DVD
"G:\ftp\Games" /Games
"G:\ftp\Apps" /Apps
"C:\ioNiNJA\eggdrop\filesys\incoming" /Incoming

i can upload to any of the dirs and it stays there ?
Should´t the nuw uploads on compleate move to 0day or so ?

So 1. Where should uploaders upload to ?
2. From where should leechers brows ?
3. How do i get sorted to work so it moves the new dir to right place ans sort it ?

Please help :|
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