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Unhappy Not working at all :( Need help

Hi there i have try to set up Eggdrop with glftpd proftpd raidenftpd and on both eggdrop and ftpd works BUT not together
So i whent here downloaded ioFTPd ioninja Installed OK did edit eggdrop.conf dZSbot.conf started bot enter irc =)
BUT eggdrop can not connect to ioftpd at all ????

How can i get it to work ?
The master username and password i made when i run eggdrop -m eggdrop.conf did i try to put in to dZSbot.conf on both bnc etc. but unable to connect, Added the exact same account on ioftpd gui Unable to connect

Same thing is från FXP !

Whats wrong ?
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