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Default Files transferring that aren't supposed to

This problem seems to have just started with my copy of FlashFXP. I wanted to transfer a file from my computer to the server, but FlashFXP started trying to transfer all of the files in that folder on my computer. Fortunately, it prompted me for overwrite of existing files and folders of the same name at the server, so I canceled the upload. I thought it was some kind of glitch, so I tried it again with a few files in another folder, and FlashFXP again started trying to upload every file. I even tried to grab just one file in a folder on my computer and drag it over to the same folder on the server side, and sure enough, FlashFXP started trying to upload all the files that were in that folder and all of the subfolders.

I could end up overwriting entire folders on the server trying to upload just one file. As noted above, I had never had this happen before. I looked for some kind of setting in FlashFXP related to this behavior, but I found nothing. Does anyone know why this is happening and whether or not it can be prevented?
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