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Did you actually take the whole package or just the file?
Actually i took the whole package (i refer to package as the folder named 'html' under 'modules'), but dropped the *.man, *.test and changelog files. The remaining files under /lib/tcl8.5/html are html.tcl and pkgIndex.tcl.
If this is not correct or incomplete, please point me.

In fact its confusing in which folder under /lib to put the extra modules in to since there seem to be different tcl versions considered (i guess). For instance under /lib/tcl8/8.4/platform are files, under /lib/tcl8/8.5 are files and under /lib/tcl8.5. It throws the question why there are two separate tcl8.5 folders and which one to use.

I will check the sources you mentioned
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