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Hello Yil,

thank you very much for your replay...have been eagerly waiting for

Originally Posted by Yil View Post
Umm, your formatting the date variable as %Y.%m.%d using the current time. You'll want to add hours and min to the format I'm also not sure what the lindex's in the puts line are accomplishing...
Yes, it`s a solution to take the date and time from my system, but i would like read the correct time from the Downloads out from the file "xferlog".
So I try (see the second post) to read the timestamp out from the "xferlog" file. Will take the same format as Mouton read the user(s) or Count and this is working.
I´m not sure and I have nothing found in the worldwideweb, if I can read out ":" with the command lindex or need a other format e.g. string.
If you're interested to see in my entire script, I can send you. I´m not sure if I can post it here completely.

Originally Posted by Yil View Post
I'd suggest going to Tcl Developer Site and see what documentation they offer online, and I'd grab plain old TCL from and install that and browse the documentation locally if that's easier for you. I use komodo from activestate but the docs for it are the same as you get with plain TCL from them.
I googled for information's about TCL commands and there functions.

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