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In fact this occurs with ioNiNJA enabled. However, i didn't touch the script in any way before this behavior began to occur. I altered the .vfs file only, but there is not error with the VFS configuration.

ioNiNJA allows for deletion of incomplete or bad files onUploadComplete. I disabled all such options with no impact on io's behavior. Actually ioNiNJA fires an error after the file has uploaded reporting
05-12-2014 11:38:15 "..\scripts\ioNiNJA\ioNiNJA.itcl" terminated abnormally
--- ErrorInfo ---
invalid command name "::ioNiNJA::ZipScript::rescan"
    while executing
"::ioNiNJA::ZipScript::rescan  "
    ("RESCAN" arm line 1)
    invoked from within
"switch -- [lindex $args 0] {
	SYMCLEAN  { ::ioNiNJA::symlink_clean }
	RESCAN    { ::ioNiNJA::ZipScript::rescan  }
	XRESORT   { source "../scripts/ioNi..."
    (file "..\scripts\ioNiNJA\ioNiNJA.itcl" line 1205)
which is because the uploaded file doesn't exist and cannot be processed. So i wonder where/when and by "whom" the file gets deleted before the zipscript can do its job.

Another strange behavior is that if i upload an sfv file with ioNiNJA disabled, then enable it and the call
site rescan this
inside the related folder, the zipscript gives me the same error, which to me means, it cannot see the file. But, how come?

Please tell me, may it be generally possible that the SSL libraries have an impact on the transfer success?

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