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I see that there's a Rule Set option in Selective Transfer, which I assume allows you to create different profiles, but is there any way to link a profile to a specific website so that the rules change automatically depending on which site has been opened?
No, however starting with FlashFXP v5.0 build 3730 (pending release) a rule set can be loaded via a raw command and this makes it possible to load a specific rule set per site via the "perform these commands after login" feature.

/loadstr <name of rule set>
One draw back to this solution is that once you load a rule set using this method the rule set remains active until you change it, regardless of which site you're connected to.

Selective transfer rule sets were created to allow fine grain rules that can be manually switched on the fly, or used with scheduled transfers or advanced transfer queues.

If you're planing on creating a re-usable queue (saving it to a file and then using it for future uploading) you can assign a selective transfer rule to each individual item in the queue, this is done by right-clicking on the item in the queue window and selecting Edit from the menu. Once you've completed your changes save the queue to a file and then run it to make sure it works as intended.

The reason I ask is that for one of my websites all of the JS files are minified, so I want to skip all files that end in .js and allow all files that end in .min.js (if that's possible?).
I might have a better solution for you, this requires FlashFXP v5.0 which is currently under active development and you'll find public beta releases available via our website.

Use the per site skip list feature with a PCRE (Perl Compatible Regular Expressions) pattern to skip files ending in .js while still allowing .min.js

To use PCRE in the skip list you use the syntax rx: <pattern>

A quick google search gave me the following pattern, which appears to work as expected with test.js skipped and test.min.js transferred.
rx: (?:(?!-min)[\w-]{4}|^[\w-]{1,3})\.js$
I plan on releasing FlashFXP v5.0 build 3730 later today and it will be available here
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