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Silly question but I would assume that you are not clicking on the queue list column header, is that correct?

Since clicking on the column header would undo any manual sorting you've done to the queue list.

When you are re-ordering the queue (using drag/drop from within the queue list to move the items) are you doing it while a transfer is in progress? If yes, what type of transfer, upload, download, or site to site?

So far I have not been able to reproduce the problem.

But is is my understanding that the situation is as followed, please let me know if this is not accurate.

You add X amount of items into the queue. At this point the order is correct, right?
You re-order some of the items within the queue by selecting them and using drag/drop to re-order.
You add X more items into the queue. This is where it glitches and these new items are not added to the end of the queue, is this right?

If this is not correct can you please correct it.
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