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Are you referring to FlashFXP v4.x or v5.x?

Running latest Flashfxp, we all know how the selection cursor remains at the very bottom of the queue by default, right?
By default the queue has no cursor selection, the first time the queue window is focused the first item becomes selected.

Well if you happen to have a bunch of stuff tagged in the queue and you happen to change the order of it
How are you changing the order of it?

next time you add something to your current queue the priority will be based on the selection cursor position
Are you referring to the priority list when you say the priority?

I think it's weird as whenever i tag stuff i generally tag what i wanna download first.
What do you mean by "tag"?

Items are always added to the end of the queue, the cursor selection has absolutely no impact on this.

Say you have 20 items selected in the file list, those 20 items are added to the queue based on the order they are shown, not the order that you select them. If you want them added to the queue in a specific order you'd be better off adding them to the queue one by one.

Either there is a glaring bug that no one else has noticed or something isn't working right for you.

I am not entirely sure I understand everything you said, without some clarification it is difficult to know exactly what is going on. Perhaps you could post a video or some pics and try to explain the problem more clearly.
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