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Originally Posted by brackebuschtino View Post
Thanks for your reply and the suggested pattern. In fact i did my homework and searched the web as well as asked other developers, which resulted in a negative lookbehind reather than lookahead.
rx .*(?<!-PublisherX)$
Yep, in fact a lookbehind is the more appropriate selection in this case since the part of the string your most interested in is at the end. Less expensive as well.

Originally Posted by brackebuschtino View Post
The issue with this solution is that one is forced to manually select all highlighted results and put them into queue, while when using the skiplist with the above pattern (or yours) allows for putting a complete directory into queue and leave the rest to the application wish will reliably drop all non-matching queue items. This is exactly what i want. If i was satified with the manual way of scanning a folder and pick the cherries i wouldn't had asked for the skiplist improvement.
I was refering to use in the Selective Transfer rules when I suggested simplifying, which already gives the option to Transfer or Skip and a choice of File and Folder matching. You could use a combination of the skip list for most rules, and a selective transfer ruleset for those that require negating.

Originally Posted by brackebuschtino View Post
Regarding the "expensiveness":
I think that with todays computer power this plays no role. Furthermore i think that a little more time for regex-processing results in less intensive server workload. Also i think that not everybody using FFXP has an active skiplist that might have an impact on the transfer speed.
Abundant resources is no excuse not to do things in the most efficient way possible. While in a normal regex matching situation (one pattern against one string or file) it may be negligible, in a situation where you may end up with multiple look-around rules among a list of dozens of other rules that all have to be checked against a potentially huge list of files/directories expensiveness can add up quickly to a noticeable delay. Admittedly you would likely need a complex skip list and huge directory listing to notice anything on the average system these days.

Originally Posted by bigstar View Post
Both rx<space> and rx:<space> can be used depending on your own preference.

It made more sense to me to simplify the prefix to to rx<space> because in most instances trailing spaces are automatically stripped off.
My concern here was more to do with the difference between something like "rx abc*.mp?" being processed as a basic glob or pcre. The results would be vastly different due to wildcard and period function in regular expressions. Requiring the colon would be a way of ensuring somebody not familiar regular expressions (or the support for them in the program) does not try to use a simple glob rule that is misinterpreted.
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