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Originally Posted by DayCuts View Post
Can I suggest you reinstate the colon as part of the prefix? There should be no circumstances in which somebody might try (or be able) to match 'rx:<space>...' as a literal (non regex) pattern, however there is the possibility of somebody trying to match 'rx<space>...'.
Both rx<space> and rx:<space> can be used depending on your own preference.

It made more sense to me to simplify the prefix to to rx<space> because in most instances trailing spaces are automatically stripped off.

Originally Posted by DayCuts View Post
Just so long as the case-sensitive modifier can be used within the pattern. (?-i) would force case sensitivity.
Thank you for clarification, I was not aware of using - to reverse to modifier.

I don't use regexp as much as one might think and most of this is new to me as well
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