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Thanks for your reply and the suggested pattern. In fact i did my homework and searched the web as well as asked other developers, which resulted in a negative lookbehind reather than lookahead.
rx .*(?<!-PublisherX)$
I would highly suggest ditching the expensive 'non-match' style negative lookahead pattern and opting for a normal 'match' style pattern.
The issue with this solution is that one is forced to manually select all highlighted results and put them into queue, while when using the skiplist with the above pattern (or yours) allows for putting a complete directory into queue and leave the rest to the application wish will reliably drop all non-matching queue items. This is exactly what i want. If i was satified with the manual way of scanning a folder and pick the cherries i wouldn't had asked for the skiplist improvement.

Regarding the "expensiveness":
I think that with todays computer power this plays no role. Furthermore i think that a little more time for regex-processing results in less intensive server workload. Also i think that not everybody using FFXP has an active skiplist that might have an impact on the transfer speed.

In fact im OK with every implementation (skiplist, selective transfer) that allows for the current state (PCRE support and lookahead/lookbehind-support) that allows to match as exactly as wished.

[...]reinstate the colon as part of the prefix?[...]
I agree to this suggestion. I also found the blank alone to be potentially more confusing than having the colon visually presenting the delimitation. Mabe the blank could be dropped completely as the colon could satisfy the requirement as a delimiter?

Thanks a bunch for the on-/off-switch lession. I didn't know that yet. With this feature available i absolutely agree to your suggestion to make the pattern matching case insensitive by default.
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