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Beginning with the last point:

I was already wondering if the regex evaluation might be case (in)sensitive. Since i am used to write regular expressions like
i didn't have the impression that the format used in the filters dialog allows for any switches. At least i had no idea where to add them. Simply append? Or use delimiter like generally used?

Regarding the filter box:

I found that its pretty unhandy to open the filter box, type the regex and then have to close it to see if it matches to open it again and try another version - especially as there seems to be no hotkey for it. Much handier would be an immediate feedback within the underlying windows ... a real-time 'onChange' ... evaluation so to say. Do you think that could be realised?

Regarding other places having issues with regexes:

I think not every section requires to support regexes. Take the 'Options > File Associations > File Patterns' section. File type associations typically look like
*.ext1, *.ext2, *.ext3, ...
In my opinion the only thing a regex could do here is to group these like so
In the end all extensions must be listed which - to me - excluded this section to support regex.

Regarding the testing recommendations:

Thanks for these hints. I'll definately check them out. Didn't know about the 'Mask Select' feature. There seems to be much more under the hood i didn't know of so far. Thank you!

Basically, the whole topic is not that urgent to spend all your spare time on it. Its weekend. Enjoy it!

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