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The compare scope is outlined in the help file, F1 from the skip list tab points you to where its explained.
FlashFXP Help

I think what you need is something like this
I found the following website very good at visually seeing the logic path used for the comparison
And they have a very nice cheatsheet

For quickly testing regex within FlashFXP I found the Mask Select feature (Ctrl+S) works very well and a big plus is that you can test against the file listing to see exactly what is matched based on the selection.

I had thought about a way to test and evaluate expressions and while I could add a way to do this within the filters dialog it would limit the functionality to this single area, since the goal is to have regex supported everywhere there is no simple way to add a test for each situation. Right now I think using the Mask Select is a good way to evaluate the pattern.

I have discovered a couple more places where the new regex style pattern matching isn't working.
Tools > Server file search > result sub-search
View > Active Edits > search
Options > File Associations > File Patterns

As far as I know regex is working every where else, if not please let me know. I will re-test again once these have been corrected, however this probably wont be until Monday at the earliest.

One thing I forgot to mention is that currently the regular expressions are case-sensitive.

This can be changed using the i flag to ignore case, I am not sure if this should to be changed to use case insensitive matching by default or not. However since the original pattern matching is case insensitive it would make sense that should be as well.

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