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Originally Posted by bigstar View Post
Make sure that the line you add into the skip list or highlights is added as
regex: .*-(?!(pattern1|pattern2))
I added this expression one including
and another time without it and both patterns do not make folders appear highlighted in red. I dunno if i do something wrong or if the expression is not correctly processed. I use the exact same settings as posted in my opening post but only with a different regex and nothing is highlighted.

The only one time when a folder was highlighted was when i applied your previous suggestion
If the pattern you're trying to match ends with "-Substring" then you could do *-substring and compare by any
which matched the wrong folder.

Regardint the "Selected transfer":

I tried to manage my need via this feature longer time ago but dropped it since i couldnt figure out how the rules must be expressed (language/pattern/etc.). I also checked the help file but couldnt get any results. Dunno remember anymore if it was for the same reason (no pattern negation).

Can you provide me with an example for my case, please?
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