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Make sure that the line you add into the skip list or highlights is added as
regex: .*-(?!(pattern1|pattern2))
As I previously indicated regex support in this build only works in the skip list or highlights.

I plan to expand that to the rest of the program today.

What might be more suited for what you desire is to use the Selective Transfer feature.

FlashFXP > Tools > Selective Transfer > Edit

This allows you to create multiple rule sets, a rule set is a individual set of rules that determine whether or not a file is skipped or transferred. Rule sets are completely independent of the skip list.

You can quickly switch between active rule sets via the dropdown arrow to the left of the "transfer queue" toolbar button.

You can also bind selective transfer rule sets to individual queue items or scheduled tasks.

The important thing to remember about selective transfer rules is that by default the default rule set is always used unless you manually switch to another rule set or change the rule set for the queue items.

The next build will allow regex in the selective transfer rules.
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