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With the help of that site i created my non-working regexp. I know it is not supporting reverse evaluation which is why i tried to combine the substrings as groups inside the [^<char set>] notation, which means to match if not containing any of the characters in <char set>. So, if this is supported, why don't groups of substrings like [^<(group1|group2|group3)>] work? Matching a single substring and matching a group of substrings works, Somehow it should be possible to negate that expression, shouldn't it?

Anyway, taking your suggestion to use *.*substring* instead of .*substring$ doesn't work either. The folder containing the substring doesn't get highlighted in red - neither when comparing by Name of Folder nor Path of Folder.

Please, can you tell me, what to configure for a server path of /level1/Data_From_(2014)-Substring taking care for the data inside that can have any extension and also futher directories?

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