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Default Cant seem to get the skiplist to work

Hello, i am trying to get the skiplist to work without luck. I checked the help file and used several regex testers to validate my regexs and found them being valid. But the folders aren't highlighted nor skipped as expected. After reading several threads here in forum i checked what you repeatedly responded:
  1. no per site skiplist in use (yet, but planned to have)
  2. global skiplist:
    "Enable skiplist" > checked
    "Skip 0 byte files" > not checked
    "Skip emtpy folders" > checked
    "Display skip items in" > red
    "When to skip" > Both
  3. Mask > .*[^(substring)]$
  4. Compare > Name of Folder

I want to match all folders that DO NOT MATCH the substring. It is planned to extened this substring by other substrings via pipe symbol, which is why i used the grouping. This pattern doesn't work.

This mask doesn't match either.
  1. Mask > .*substring$
  2. Compare > Name of Folder

I also tried to use 'Path of Folder' for comparison since on the server i am at 3rd or 4th sublevel below root. But this didn't fix the issue.

I don't understand why and feel pretty helpless since i cannot debug the transfer. Where is my mistake?
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