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I'm getting the same problem.

[15:01:17] [R] PWD
[15:01:18] [R] 257 "/" is your current location
[15:01:18] [R] CWD /
[15:02:15] [R] Network Error (10053): Software caused connection abort
[15:02:15] [R] Connection lost: ***** (Duration: 58 seconds / Idle: 57 seconds)
[15:02:15] [R] Connection failed (Not connected)
I am also using a BT Home Hub (same as original poster), I'm using a Home Hub 3, not sure which version they are using though.

It's only started happening recently, and some people are having issues with a firmware update on the router, - Do you think this is the problem?


Upgraded from the BT Home Hub 3 to a Asus RT-N56U and I can connect absolutely fine using FlashFXP now.

Originally Posted by graphicz View Post
The problem was the well documented issue with IE11 which has affected a num er of applications including Flash fxp. I am nkw using CoreFtp which works perfectly out of the box. Flash fxp needs to address this issue as other companies have.
Surprisingly this actually worked. I can connect fine using CoreFTP. I forgot I had even upgraded IE on here tbh and didn't associate upgrading to IE11 with FlashFXP breaking. TotalCommander didn't work either, so I assumed the problem was not limited to 1 application. I don't even know if my laptop uses IE11 and I haven't upgraded that recently, but it used to connect fine with FlashFXP on there too.

As someone who is used to using FlashFXP for years, and has only bought a license in the past few months (trial was working fine) it is disappointing that I might have to change FTP application =/

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