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If you look at the error.log message: Host '*@xx.xx....' the leading * means the remote machine returned no ident response so there was no chance it could match a hostmask that requires one.

This is usually caused by 2 issues. The first is the remote machine just didn't answer the ident query. The other is a software/hardware firewall prevents ioFTPD from sending the ident request in the first place. Check to see if login messages in ioftpd.log have at least a few hostmasks including idents from remote machines. If so then it's a user problem. If they all have * for the ident field then it's your problem most likely.

This turns out to be a common problem with software firewalls where ioFTPD is run from within a truecrypt filesystem, NAS, etc. The software firewalls can't trust that the ioFTPD.exe is really the same as it was before because it knows it's not a local fixed disk. That's a feature of a good software firewall. I forget what I did in window's firewall, but in comodo I just start ioFTPD up and then immediately connect to it in flashfxp so it asks me if I want to allow incoming connections and then if I want outgoing connections so I can answer yes

If you do have an outoing connection issue it probably means FXP will be broken some of the time (when you need to initiate the connection), so you'll want to fix the issue.
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