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Go ahead and give it a try it. The only thing wrong in the config file is the Secure_IP stuff but that doesn't matter since you have it effectively disabled which means SiteOps can set any hostmask they want which is fine for the moment.

I find it weird that a server using Reject_Unknown_Ips lets a non-knocking user even get to a login prompt. Either you also have some regular hostmasks for that user covering them, or you have a very permissive hostmask set somewhere... Check out 'site help findip' which will show you which hostmasks of which users would allow a particular IP or non-dynamic hostname to login. Try 'site findip' for instance and see what hits you get. If you turn up a *@* or something somewhere you effectively have disabled Reject_Unknown_Ips as that would allow all IPs anyway...
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