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Lightbulb Dynamic IP hostmasks


I have the problem that change the complete ip-ranges of users, not just the first two blocks as I had first suspected.

Now i`ve activate the following lines to fix the problem (but the changes not work):
Secure_Ip_3 = 1 1 0 G1M 
Dynamic_DNS_Lookup = ALWAYS
I write following in the GUI:
TEST123@HOSTNAME \\the real hostname of the Server
In FlashFXP im write TEST123 under ident_user_id and would connect to the ftp, but get this error-log:
530 Login failed: Your IP/hostname is not authorized.
Can someone give me the error cause?

In the middle of this thread already exists a similar question that had not helped me.
I have used search function

I am grateful for all advices.

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