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Thank you!

It doesn't work precisely like that but I got it working with a small tweak:

If you have both the private and public key you can import them here, select the .pem files. if a single .pem contains both keys that's fine too, use the same file for both.
EC2 provides a single .pem file for the key pair. Selecting the same file for both produces an error (invalid public key).

I used PuttyGen to open the .pem file and saved the public key from there. PuttyGen itself isn't very clear; when you save the public key, no file extension is suggested. I used .pem; then followed your instructions again using the keypair .pem file from Amazon as the private key file and my saved .pem as the public key file.

That worked perfectly.

I then deleted the key from FlashFXP and renamed the public key from publickey.pem to publickey.anything. That worked too. Then I removed the extension completely, renaming the public key just: publickey. That worked the same way.

If you're able to make FlashFXP accept the same .pem file for both that might be simpler, or maybe, since EC2 is a huge platform, have some tips / FAQ for it.

Either way, thank you.

People looking for FlashFXP and EC2 key pair assistance who find this thread might also benefit from knowing that the username for the Amazon AMI images in EC2 is ec2-user and the username for Ubuntu images is ubuntu.

Finally can I just again comment how excellent FlashFXP support is. It's rare to find developers as committed to their product as you are.
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