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It appears that the glftpd v2.05 Changelog includes this change "Change: disabled SSLv3 support (SSLv2 was already disabled)". That means that glftpd won't accept a SSL v2 or v3 hello message and thus won't connect using either of those methods, but it should have tried TLS as well since the default is to try all 3. However it also includes line "New: added new config options ALLOWED_PROTOCOLS that allow you to decide which TLS protocols are allowed by the sever. You can specify one or more out of : TLSv1, TLSv1.1, TLSv1.2 (Default is to allow only TLSv1.2)"

The older SSL libs don't support TLS 1.2 so you'll have to upgrade them. See posts above for people who have already done this.

If that doesn't work try making this change in the ini file. Under [FTP_Service] change Encryption_Protocol to TLS. This affects all connections which means that users using SSL2/3 won't be able to login to your FTP until they change to TLS encryption in their site settings. However it may solve the glftpd compatibility problem you are seeing. You may need to restart ioFTPD after making this change as I don't remember if changing this settings triggers the service connection (from which data connections are spawned) to be recomputed.

If you're friendly with a glftpd admin for testing you can see what happens if they change that ALLOWED_PROTOCOLS settings to allow TLS v1 and/or v1.1 just to see if that change alone would fix things.
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