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Default Won't resolve symlinks with ".[pP][sS]" in the dirname.

It seems FlashFXP have a problem to resolve symlinks that contains the part ".[pP][sS]".

To explain this further I will use an example.
A symlink called "A.BC.D-Zio" pointing to "Zios_dir" works just fine.
A symlink called "A.PS.D-Zio" pointing to "Zios_dir" doesn't.
The problem is not case sensitive, i.e. gives the same error.

What should also be mentioned is that it doesn't matter what the dirname is called which the symlink is poiting to. It can be a dir called "A" or "ABCD-Zio" or whatever.
FlashFXP also have no problem in resolving an actual dir with the mentioned part in it.
The problem has been in FlashFXP as long as I can remember, and is still in 2.0x.

I can't find any setting that should/could affect this.
The symlinks work with regular ftp (*nix/Windows), NFTP, ... .

I also have a question regarding symlinks that I can't find answered in docs or settings.
Let's say you have a dir with two symlinks, A and B.
A points to ../subdir1/Dir_A and B points to ../../maindir3/subdir2/Dir_B.
When following the symlink FlashFXP resolves the link and CWDs to the actual path. That means that when issuing "cd .." to jump back a step you won't end up in the dir you came from, but instead you will end up in ../subdir1 or ../../maindir3/subdir2.
Is there no way to cloak this? Several other FTP clients have this feature/option.

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