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Default Bad news: Major system failure

I woke up to discover my system decided today was the day to die. For those of you who don't know I live in the middle of nowhere. we have 2 local computer shops and one in the next town over.

I managed to get a new motherboard & cpu. Connected video card & ram but it won't post. sometimes nothing happens other times I get 2 beeps <delay> 8 beeps.. This motherboard appears to be crap, there's nothing in the docs to tell you what those beeps me. So here I am back to square one..

I ordered some new parts online, hopefully they're be here by the end of the week. I had them shipped overnight, hopefully they have the parts in stock and ship them promptly.

In the mean time i'm not able to do anything. I can't answer my email or work on FlashFXP. Also if you purchase FlashFXP by PayPal or purchase 10 or more licences via ShareIT, I won't be able to fill your order until my main machine is back online

You know last year at roughly about the same time my last PC bit the dust.. What the heck is up with this.. Since when do computers only last 1 year.. blah.
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