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Thanks Yil for the fast response. I am currently refactoring the permissions on whole site as i regularly encounter problems with folder attributes and symlinks created by ioNinja. Sometimes it even creates deadlocks (symlink to a folder within the target folder) and plenty other crazy stuff. The most important problem however is the creation of wrong chmod onUploadComplete which is why i completely removed all HDD mapping within default.vfs and freshly created the first level subdirectories in io-root folder just to narrow the problem.

The root to first level structur is now completely like you suggested

site chown ioFTPD:ioftpd /
site chmod 755 /
site chown ioFTPD:ioftpd /Section
site chmod 777 /Section
In default.vfs i testwise defined a map to another HDD for the 'Section' folder.

"Z:\test" /Section
Uploading without any script enabled works well. But with ioNinja enabled no matter what i do, all stuff that is getting uploaded into /Section/subdirectories ends up with chmod 7. The folder attributes in FFXP show

This is making me headache for years now and i cannot figure out how it come. I cannot continue to fine tune the whole sections area until this is reliably fixed.
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