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For all the options to 'site stats' use 'site help stats', or check doc/Cookies.txt for %[STATS] message cookie. The message cookie's first argument and last 2 arguments are the names of custom files to process. Check out text/ftp/AllDn.*, AllUP.*, etc for examples since those are what 'site stats' actually uses. The entire userfile for each user processed is available so you can do whatever you want as the cookies are pretty useful and expose almost every field. If you managed to figure out MyInfo.Section this should be trivial.

All of that requires no actual code modification, but the source for the actual server is in the first post of most releases.

I can't think of a trivial solution to hiding the other usernames in a site stat listing though... The reason is the entire userfile of the matching user temporarily replaces the active user while AllUp.Body is being processed and there currently isn't a TrueName or TrueUID or something that you could use %[IF] to compare against... Maybe I'm missing something, but I can't think of a workaround off the top of my head.
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