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Ah, I see now. I was using the test user and hadn't uploaded in some time with the account so that was my mistake. I was looking for or expecting the # of files, I just realized after you pointed it out the 414 number was the MB uploaded. So the command works fine and shows accurate data (proper output below). Also from the beginning I've only ever had default section defined and no other.

I wanted to get the number of files as well, would there be an easy way to show that? I don't care about any other information, the files is the more important stat I wanted them to be able to see really (more than the MB, plus MB is already shown via site myinfo).

[2] 200-|SEC| DayUp| DayDn| WkUp| WkDn| MonthUp| MonthDn| AllUp| AllDn|
[2] 200-|---+-------+-------+-------+-------+--------+--------+---------+---------|
[2] 200-|# 0|NAME: Default | Leech | Credits = 0 |
[2] 200-| | 1| | 212| | 230| | 5744| |
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