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As the error indicates you have one of 3 possible issues. The Device's HOST= line is bad (invalid dynamic DNS name, improper static IP addr, etc) or the Service's PORT= line is bad so it can't figure out the PORT to use, or the port you requested is already in use by another process (BIND failed). Just to get things working use this Device configuration HOST = which means use whatever is configured by the network interface (change to whatever you really want it to be later), leave PORTS= at the default, make sure BIND is commented out with a ';' in front of it (almost nobody needs to use this). For the FTP service, set PORT= to whatever you want. The server should then be able to accept connections and you can try changing things back to what you want.

I'm pretty sure the code to remove trailing whitespace at the ends of most config lines is live but double check that you don't have weird unseen chars at the end of the lines if everything else looks fine.
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