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Default Help starting ioftpd

Hi, its been a long time since ive used ioftpd last.

Ive downloaded the newest stable version and configured the ioFTPD.ini file for my needs to start with, ive opened the ports in my router, but it still wont go online.

When i hit the ioFTPD-Start running as admin i get this in the ioGui2 window:
16:25:15 wSock_Error() -> Connection is forcefully rejected (10061)
16:25:15 ----------- connection closed -----------
When i see the logs created im getting this error:
01-27-2014 16:10:36 Device 'ioFTPD' failed to start due to HOST/BIND/PORT error.
Ive tryed to bind my host to localhost, my internal ip, and my external ip nothing changes.

Any help would be appriciated.
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