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Mhm ... i'm not sure if i got you correctly.

The best solution would probably be to just add a proc in nxtools, and then call the updatelog with arguments from within the same namespace.
Do you mean to implement my sorting as an nxTools function? But then i cannot use some of ioNiNJA's functionality anymore.
If you did not mean this, then i assume i have to call the additional nxTools function from my script which leads me back to the initial problem.

Mabe it is interesting to know that calling

::nxTools::Dupe::SiteUndupe "-d [file tail $pwd]"
from within

proc ::ioNiNJA::get_flac_information {flacfile} {global pwd path args ioNJ uid gid}
proc ::ioNiNJA::get_mp3_information {mp3file} {global ioNJ args pwd path uid gid}
works fine. My own function is at the bottom of this file and using the same function initialization

proc ::ioNiNJA::uncat {} {global ioNJ path pwd args}
The only difference it to call it without a function param. I'm doin' my best to see any difference, but i can't. Mabe you?
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