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Thanks for that hint. I was digging through your Zipscript to see how things work and to adopt how to manage the code for my goal. Renaming using your solution works. After reading your hint i expected the variable catching the renaming return value would hold the related system event, but i was wrong. It is simply empty.

What i am trying to achive is to call nxTools::\Dupe::UpdateLog, which expects and evaluates a command like DELE, UPLD, MKD, which are all events fired by the server (i guess). This method must update the dupe database after renaming a folder. So i tried two different things.

a) Rename the folder manually -> nxTools::\Dupe::UpdateLog function handles the event
b) after renaming the folder via TCL script call ::nxTools::\Dupe::UpdateLog "RNFR" $release_pwd -> ends up with an error
--- ErrorInfo ---
invalid command name "::nxTools::\Dupe::UpdateLog"
while executing
"::nxTools::\Dupe::UpdateLog "RNFR $release_pwd""
I have no idea, why this method is not available in this script. Also i have no idea how to check if the class/method exists before calling it like in PHP.

NOTE: I escaped ::\D just to prevent this being converted to smileys here. This is actually not how i use it in the script.

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