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Default Help on vfs file creation appreciated


i am using ioFTPD for a several time now, but up to now i never figured out how to use different vfs files. I would like to understand how to use this feature, how they must be structured, which information is required to make them different to each other and to assign them to different requirements. I searched this forum for 'VFS' but found 0 results, which i can't seriously believe. I wonder where you guys took your knowledge about this topic from.

I am specially interested in this topic since i'm about to re-configure my site from scratch based on latest ioFTPD version and always wondered how to make e.g. the groups section show group folders only to their related members. I suppose this i achived through the use of vfs files.

Would you guys please tell me, how this works or where i can find a good explanation on it?
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