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You are working under a flawed assumption. In my role as an IT professional, be it developer, admin, or other, I routinely move files between my workstation and a set of 8 UNIX servers and 8 alternates using 2 to 5 different user accounts on each. Some accounts are limited, others can cause mass destruction. As such I need to know where and who I am at all times. Automated transfers use tools on the servers themselves. There are a few outside sites. One site, Normal access, no user id or password can be one server, multiple users entering user and password as allowed in the past. My site list has about 20 servers. My user/site combinations as I'm now being locked into exceeds 80. 80 can lead to inadvertent disasters, not to mention adjusting multiples if one server requires changes to protocol. 20 is manageable. I liked when No User and No Password did not necessarily mean anonymous. Now it is a major headache.
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