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You can password protect flashfxp, that way no information can be recovered for site logins + there is a setting which must be unselected to not reveal p-asswrds

Main menu > Sites > Security >set password.

Bare in mind that if you loose password all info is lost.

On another note, if you dont set user/pass by definition it is anonymous login, unless I misunderstand what you trying to do.

You can also not use site manager and use quick connect press F8.

I would have replied to your Feature suggestion at, so please try not to cross-post in future, Not that I understand what you are asking for, we cannot make Flashfxp less secure, you can set it up any number of ways. It works.

Please explain better what you mean with screenshots how you use to do what you cant seem to do anymore, if that hasnt been covered in here.
Flashfxp versions you used before and now OS information etc.

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