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During installation of FlashFXP you probably used the default configuration "Share settings and site profiles with all users of this computer" and this can sometimes be a problem if FlashFXP is run as administrator. Especially if you run FlashFXP with elevated permissions as the administrator.

The data files for FlashFXP are created by FlashFXP and inherit the permissions and access rights from the user running FlashFXP.

Most likely the standard user account doesn't have write access to the data files which are now probably owned by the administrator account.

If FlashFXP attempts to write to a data file and the user running FlashFXP doesn't have the correct permissions to write to the files a delay of several seconds can occur, if multiple data files are involved this will extend the delay 10 fold.

There are a few solutions.

1. I see you're using an older version of FlashFXP, I would recommend upgrading to the latest, during the upgrade it should resolve this issue automatically for you. (download FlashFXP)

2. Open the Windows Control Panel > Programs and features > Select FlashFXP and then click the Change button, select "Repair" and then click the Next button.

3. Alternatively, you can manually adjust the file permissions to give everyone read/write access to the files.
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